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Organic Hair Salon Singapore

Govin Hairdressing, the Organic Hair Salon that prides itself on its salon-only range of organic products that contain no harmful chemicals in their testing or production and are also nutritious for your hair.


Govin Hairdressing is located at The Flow, #03-02, 66 East Coast Road, Singapore. Book organic hair services and experience the transformative power of our organic hair care. please call +65 69709668.


Why Choose Organic?

Today there is more awareness that natural choices improve quality of health and living. When making the decision to become an organic hair salon in Singapore, the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff was the paramount factor.

We carry products that are as organic as possible, that deliver the highest professional hairdressing results without compromising grey cover, shine or longevity.ย  We offer our clients the confidence to choose a healthier hair alternative with products that are ammonia free.


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Organic Hair Salon in Singapore is as natural as it gets, our philosophy is to treat the hair and skin with luxury products free from ammonia, sulphates, parabens and other toxic and harmful chemicals.

Book organic hair services, please call +65 69709668.

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Organic Hair Solutions to solve

5 Common Hair Issues

Hair Loss
Oily Itchy Scalp
Bacterial Infection/ Alopecia Areata/Other
Premature Grey Hair


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