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Best organic hair care & organic hair treatment in Singapore, need for beautifully smooth, glossy hair? Organic Hair Salon is hair salon that only uses natural and safe product good for hair health.

Organic Hair Salon is located at The Flow, #03-02, 66 East Coast Road, Singapore. Book organic hair loss treatment please call +65 91848621.


Organic Hair Treatments for

Frizzy Hair or Damaged Hair

Organic hair treatment products help prevent damage of the hair caused by harmful chemical-filled hair products. Organic haircare products are gentle and won’t do anything to harm your hair unlike their synthetic counterparts.

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5 Benefits of Organic and Natural Hair Products

1. Nourishes your Hair

Organic and natural hair care products are a healthy option for your hair because they clean your hair with a milder formula and they don’t strip your hair completely of its protective oils. Over time the natural ingredients in your organic shampoo and conditioner will repair your hair. Meaning your locks will be healthy and beautiful.


2. Safer to Use

Using chemicals in products is a recipe for skin irritation and other allergic reactions. With organic products, you won’t have to worry about a painful negative reaction to a product. You can rest assured knowing that the product you put in your hair uses all natural ingredients. Unlike chemically enhanced products, organic hair products can even be a healthy choice for women during pregnancy. Of course, anyone who is pregnant should consult their doctor about which products are safest for them.


3. Promotes Hair Health

Not only can the chemicals in traditional hair products irritate your scalp but they may also damage your hair over time.  Some Organic hair products do the opposite. They give hair the nutrients it needs to grow beautiful, healthy, and strong without the use of petrochemicals like silicone.


4. Protect the scalp and hair

People who color their hair are more likely to suffer hair damage, as the ingredients in those coloring agents can wear down the protective layers in the scalp. The best organic products you’ll find on the market are not just capable of protecting against that damage, but also can reverse it to an extent, strengthening your hair and ensuring long-term scalp health.


5. Better product value

While organic hair products may come with a higher price tag than their non-organic counterparts, you can also be certain that you’re getting much better value out of those products. Organic hair care products are more effective and provide more benefits, meaning you get a lot more bang for your buck when using them.


Organic Hair Care Treatment Services Near Me

Looking for Organic Hair Care Salon near me to treat the problem with frizzy hair or damaged hair due to bleach, color, perming or rebonding? Our Organic hair treatment repairs the damaged hair and restore mass keratin and moist to your hair. The result of keratin treatment puts your hair health at optimum condition: soft, smooth, shine and expected to last anywhere between 3~6 months.

Before hair treatment service is carried out our team will give you an in-depth consultation to assess your hair before your appointment. Complimentary hair treatment consultations include analysis of your hair type, scalp condition and assessment of texture. Our exclusive team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your hair, including suitable botanical treatments, and home care to help you maintain healthy, manageable, luxurious hair.

How much does organic hair care treatment cost?

 Organic hair treatment cost from S$95 depending on the types of hair treatment, book a free consulation for Organic Hair Treatment, please call +65 91848621

Hydro Hair Repair Treatment (S$95-125)

Hydro Hair Repair Treatment help to restore essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle, over-processed and otherwise lacklustre locks. 

Botanical Hair Treatment (S$105-165)

Botanical Hair Treatment improves dry hair & damaged hair up to 85% and  leaving strands soft, silky and shiny and healthy-looking. 

Infrared FlowerFall Hair Treatment (S$115-175)

Infrared FlowerFall Hair Treatment  is ideal to finish your colour or to boost shine, anti-oxidant protection and also enables your hair to recover energy and youth.

Amy Xu
Amy Xu
Found this place via Google reviews. Took 2 off days for treatment and blue highlights which turned out great . Alex is very professional and very detailed. It is worth taking day off.
Denis Ang
Denis Ang
Thank you Alex for pampering my hair and giving me confidence again! I love how dedicated you are in ensuring my hair is nicely done and thank you also for the hair care tips! 👍🏻💗😌
Ariel Rikyell
Ariel Rikyell
Have been reluctant to colour my hair, much less breach it. Govin uses organic products from colouring, to perming. Alex actually ask me what after effect that I'm looking for. He is really patient and meticulous, answering my questions and advising me on hair care, and how do I take care and maintain it at home. There is no ammonia or chemical smell which most Salons have it ... Even while doing it or after I go back home. Love how detailed he is, and trust his professionalism. Did Balayage Color, Caramel~ I love it! If you wanna have your tresses in good hands, look for Alex Yen.
Marcus Nai
Marcus Nai
Love the ambience of the salon! Had a wavy and down perm done by Shine , love the result! 😄
You will not be disappointed. This is probably consider one of the place in the city to get a haircut. I always struggle between what I want and what I need. The stylist finds really good balance and give the best advice ! would highly recommend!!
Esther Chua
Esther Chua
Alex was very patient when explaining different suggestions he had for hair style & length. Even though my hair was bleached before, it was still soft and smooth after the perm. Highly recommended, very good service, he was very meticulous 🙂
Ying Qiu Tan
Ying Qiu Tan
A new mum searching for an organic hair treatment and am thankful to come to know about Govin Hairdressing with it so many 5 stars reviews. It has really lived up to it 5 stars reputation and service. Did my 1st ever organic volume rebonding with Alex and definitely love the result and how smooth and natural it turns out. Alex is very delicate, patient and nice to talk to throughout the treatment and giving after treatment care advices. I have to say the treatment is pretty affordable too. Highly recommend it! Will definitely come back to treat the "white highlight" that I have.
Janice Wee
Janice Wee
Had always wanted to try bleaching and colouring my hair to more vibrant hues but I had some reservations about it. Thankfully, my hairstylist SHINE at Govin was able to address my concerns. Very pleased with his colour recommendation of copper brown, matt green and ash violet blue which turned out gorgeous.
Patricia Loh
Patricia Loh
My volume perm turned out AMAZING!! My stylist, Alex Yen understood exactly what I wanted. This is the second time I have had my hair done by Alex. Both times I was happy with the results. Alex is great! Definitely recommend.

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H-System Colour Care Hair Treatment (S$125-185)

H-System Colour Care Hair Treatment is a special conditioning and detangling treatment which restores correct pH levels, sealing the scales of the cuticle. Intense restorative and moisturising actions. it Strengthens hair’s structure from within and also increases the hair’s shine and leaves it soft and silky.

5 step Intensive Restructure Treatment (S$148-208)

5 step Intensive Restructure Treatment deeply helps repair dry and damaged hair. Using the power of pure plant oils and quinoa protein. This treatment penetrates to help seal, smooth and repair the look of even the most damaged hair and it restores a look of health, silkiness and shine.

Anti-Frizz Treatment (S$208-268)

Anti-Frizz Treatment is an  in-salon hair treatment designed to help manage unruly, frizzy hair types. The treatment is organic and safe for even the most sensitive of scalps. which  relaxes and smoothes the hair naturally without strong chemicals. It provides a great solution for long-lasting transformation of unmanageable and frizzy hair for up to 5 months.

Keratin Formadyhe Free (S$288-388)

We provide keratin treatment which helps to transform unmanageable and frizzy hair into perfectly smooth, soft hair that will last for 3 – 6 months, depends on the particulars of individual hair nature. The estimated service duration will take 2 ~ 2.5 hours and our promo will be held frequently every trimonthly.

Organic, Natural & Safe

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