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Organic Hair Salon in Singapore is providing affordable organic personalized Korean Digital Perm, Korean Wave Perm service with the popular Korean S, J, C curls.and wavy body that suits best for natural style

Organic Hair Salon is located at The Flow, #03-02, 66 East Coast Road, Singapore. Book Korean Digital Perm please call +65 91848621.


What is Korean Digital Perm

Korean Digital Hair Perm is a natural looking and feminine hairstyle with a focus on bounciness, volume, framing the face in a flattering manner. Instead of perm the whole head, a Korean hair perm includes volume rebonding that provides more body and form to the overall look.  

Popular Korean Wave Perm

Most popular styles of Korean perm are S, C curls, often these perms are focused on the lower end of hair. Korean hair perms are famously known for being low-to-no maintenance and the perms can really last up to 6 – 10 months. When compared to traditional perm like spiral, body perm, Korean perm looks more natural and elegant. Since it is less fancy and more elegant, Korean perm is presentable for many social events either formal or informal.

S-Curl Perm

S-Curl Perm have tighter and more spread out curls to create natural wavy hair. This creates volumes in the hair and is highly suited for those who want low maintenance hair. 

Korean S Curl Perm

Korean C Curl Perm

C-Curl Perm

C-Curl perm creates a natural look with c-curls used at hair ends where the curls curl inwards. With the bob-like effect, this enhances contouring effects on the jawline, suitable for most facial types and shapes. 

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How do you maintain a Korean Digital Perm?

One of the reasons Korean perm gaining popularity is due to its ease of maintenance. Perm-care is nonetheless needed, however is much less when compared to traditional perm. When perm-care is well taken, curls or waves will last to maximum ten months because it is relaxed by the passage of time. There are some simple steps you can maintain your Korean Perm and to keep the curls intact.

  • Wash your hair and divide into sections: two if your hair is very thick, four if it’s thinner. Twist the sections. This way, when your hair dries, it will follow the spiral shape you gave it by twisting and prolong the life of your curls.
  • Ask your stylist for recommendations of shampoo and conditioner that will help maintain your curl as well as repair the damage caused by the perm chemicals.
  • As much as possible, use your fingers to comb through your hair, or a wide-tooth comb if necessary. Avoid using a brush or rubbing your hair dry after you take a shower. Instead, pat it gently with a towel.
  • Put your hair up in two buns on the side of your head while you sleep so your curls don’t flatten at night.

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Organic Korean Wave Perm Services Near Me

Looking for Korean Perm Services near me? Organic Hair Salon Singapore – professional hairstylists and colourists who maintain the quality of services by only using Organic hair perm products which are 100% ammonia free.

Just come to Organic Hair Salon in Singapore for a free consultation and we’d be able to tailor a look just for you. Typical perming time can take up to 2 – 3 hours max, so be prepared to spend a little time with us! 

Before Korean Digital Perm is carried out our team will give you an in-depth consultation to assess your hair and any style or colour changes before your appointment. Complimentary consultations include analysis of your hair type, scalp condition and assessment of texture, face shape and your hair’s opportunity. Our exclusive team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your hair, including suitable botanical treatments, and home care to help you maintain healthy, manageable, luxurious hair.

How much does Korean Digital Perm cost?

Korean Digital Perm cost from S$120 depending on the types of Hair Perm, book a free consulation for Korean Digital Hair Perm, please call +65 91848621

Natutally Wave Perm (S$140 – S$200)

Bored of your straight strands? Try not to get too excited here, but what would you say if we had just found a way you could rock waves every day, without having to style it? Let us introduce you to – the wavy perm.  With a wave perm, the hair is wrapped around larger rods to produce looser waves for a more relaxed result.

Korean Wave Perm (S$240 – S$300)

Organic Korean Wave Perm is more natural-looking and feminine. Organic Korean Wave Perm is really all about the technique, and best of all, it doesn’t leave your hair dry or frizzy in the process.

Feather Perm (S$230 – S$290)

The feather perm is a great way to add contrast between straight and curly sections in a modern look.  Contact Organic Hair Salon in Singapore for a free consultation now.

Custamize Perm (S$340 – S$380)

Customisation of styles is possible eg. Volume Rebonding,C or S curls or Korean Style Perm or Rebonding. To discuss with Hairstylist during hair consultation.

Amy Xu
Amy Xu
Found this place via Google reviews. Took 2 off days for treatment and blue highlights which turned out great . Alex is very professional and very detailed. It is worth taking day off.
Denis Ang
Denis Ang
Thank you Alex for pampering my hair and giving me confidence again! I love how dedicated you are in ensuring my hair is nicely done and thank you also for the hair care tips! 👍🏻💗😌
Ariel Rikyell
Ariel Rikyell
Have been reluctant to colour my hair, much less breach it. Govin uses organic products from colouring, to perming. Alex actually ask me what after effect that I'm looking for. He is really patient and meticulous, answering my questions and advising me on hair care, and how do I take care and maintain it at home. There is no ammonia or chemical smell which most Salons have it ... Even while doing it or after I go back home. Love how detailed he is, and trust his professionalism. Did Balayage Color, Caramel~ I love it! If you wanna have your tresses in good hands, look for Alex Yen.
Marcus Nai
Marcus Nai
Love the ambience of the salon! Had a wavy and down perm done by Shine , love the result! 😄
You will not be disappointed. This is probably consider one of the place in the city to get a haircut. I always struggle between what I want and what I need. The stylist finds really good balance and give the best advice ! would highly recommend!!
Esther Chua
Esther Chua
Alex was very patient when explaining different suggestions he had for hair style & length. Even though my hair was bleached before, it was still soft and smooth after the perm. Highly recommended, very good service, he was very meticulous 🙂
Ying Qiu Tan
Ying Qiu Tan
A new mum searching for an organic hair treatment and am thankful to come to know about Govin Hairdressing with it so many 5 stars reviews. It has really lived up to it 5 stars reputation and service. Did my 1st ever organic volume rebonding with Alex and definitely love the result and how smooth and natural it turns out. Alex is very delicate, patient and nice to talk to throughout the treatment and giving after treatment care advices. I have to say the treatment is pretty affordable too. Highly recommend it! Will definitely come back to treat the "white highlight" that I have.
Janice Wee
Janice Wee
Had always wanted to try bleaching and colouring my hair to more vibrant hues but I had some reservations about it. Thankfully, my hairstylist SHINE at Govin was able to address my concerns. Very pleased with his colour recommendation of copper brown, matt green and ash violet blue which turned out gorgeous.
Patricia Loh
Patricia Loh
My volume perm turned out AMAZING!! My stylist, Alex Yen understood exactly what I wanted. This is the second time I have had my hair done by Alex. Both times I was happy with the results. Alex is great! Definitely recommend.

Organic, Natural & Safe

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