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Organic Hair Services in Singapore

Organic Hair Services in Singapore located at The Flow, #03-02, 66 East Coast Road,  we specialize in Organic Coloring & Highlighting, Organic Hair Perm, Organic Hair Treatment & Personal Styling.

For Organic Hair Services please call: +65 69709668 for booking

1. Cut, Wash & Blow

Professional Hair Cut

Our fully trained, professional stylists are ready to tend to your style needs. Whether you have a celebrity style icon in mind or you simply know what exactly what you want, a free one-to-one consultation with one of our stylists will help determine what is right for your hair. 

Service All range     (Men) S$ Short – Long     (Women) S$
Wash & Blow 24 24 – 36
Styling 50 – 65
Thong/ Iron Top up 10 10
International Director Cut 80 100
Director Cut 42 47
Senior Cut 32 37
Kid’s Cut (12years & Below) 25 28

2. Colour & Highlights

Nourishing Ammonia-Free Coloring System

Organic hair colouring & organic hair highlighting, ammonia free coloring and bleaching, protects and reintegrates the hair stem, leaving hair soft, shiny and hydrated. 

3. Straightening

Organic Hair Rebonding

Frizzy hair? Straighten out frizzy hair the natural way with a soft rebonding service. Organic Hair Rebonding is a natural organic treatment that straightens, shines.

4. Perming

Organic Hair Perm

Organic Perms for Healthy and lasting Curls. Organic Hair Perm will also nourishes and protects hair throughout the perming process.  

5. Hair Treatment

Organic Hair Treatment

Organic Hair Salon in Singapore is providing effective, affordable natural and organic hair loss treatment, scalp treatment, postnatal hair loss treatment, oily itchy scalp treatment, dandruff treatment, amongst other hair issues.

6. Scalp Treatment

Organic Scalp Treatment

Based on trichology and scientific studies, we understand that to boost and maintain healthy hair growth, the scalp needs to be in a prime condition. Scalp treatments aimed at nurturing hair follicles back to their normal growth function are essential and are the first key step to combating the different types of hair loss.

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